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Commodity products are charging luxury prices

NeetoCal is one of the Neeto products. It's the 31st scheduling software in the market. Clearly it's a commodity. However our competitors are pricing their products as if they are in the luxury market. Neeto is trying to change that.

Pricing Philosophy

Mobile Apps

With mobile apps, Neeto products ensure that you can access and manage your schedules, data, and tasks on the go, anytime and anywhere.

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Neeto blog

At Neeto we are building 20+ products simultaneously. Here the software engineers working on the Neeto product provide customer support, do product management and do code deployments. We are building Neeto differently. Checkout our journey in our blog.

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What people say

Intuitive design and seamless functionality of the NeetoCal scheduling platform, making appointment management hassle-free for both therapists and clients.

Dr. Anne Sophie Bammens
Counselling Psychologist

I love the ease of use in Neeto products, the clean UI, and the powerful features with a clear understanding, which make it stand out.

Sagar Anadkat
Counselling Co-Founder at PragetX

Excited to see a new form-building platform that simplifies data collection & actionability. Your focus on affordability & integrated communication features set NeetoForm apart.

Karan Singh Bhakuni

“Neat, simple and fairly priced!

You've added round robin scheduling to the basic plan and it runs smoothly.”

Navaneeth PK
Founder, ToolJet

The SMS and WhatsApp messaging features in NeetoForm are great for customer engagement.

Egor Karpov
SWE/MLOps @ Neiro.AI

NeetoCal in comparison has all their features and is free! I can't think of any reason to use any other calendaring tool at this point.

Jasim A Basheer


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